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Listen to your users.

Last week I read this excellent post at Boag World I cant agree more with Paul Boag in his point that User Experience is not restricted to the User Experience on the Website (like many people think). He makes several points on why this is such a key concept for a company to understand.

Why never ask “what do you like best?”

One of the most common questions when people show their design concepts is: which one do you like best? In design, it is wrong question. If you put two or three items in from of a person and ask what do you like best can lead to a misleading response.


I have been reading lately about synesthesia and I have found it very interesting specially for the use of the knowledge of it focusing on branding and marketing.

Google global market finder

As companies expand globally and Google adds complexity to AdWords, new tools are produce to help marketers produce Ads in order to expand internationally.

Art directors vs. designers

Everyone knows there are differences between art directors and designers, but not many people are able to tell what those differences are. Managers and stakeholders usually say, art directors are expensive and designers cheap, if the designers can get the job done, is it worthy to pay the extra money?