Here is where I will be sharing my ideas regarding design, web and technology


Everyone that has ever used a browser to access the Internet, knows what a link (more exactly a hiperlink) is: “A hyperlink points to a whole document or to a specific element within a document.”

Simplify your web copy

When working on web projects we often struggle trying to simplify the design, it is not only difficult to simplify things to the minimum but also to convince different stakeholders in order to implement the needed changes to simplify the design. One of the main elements that help simplify the design is the text. Good, clear, to the point copy is the key to simplify your design.

Apple vs. Adobe

I have lately witnessed astonished the back and forth Apple and Adobe have been having about Flash. This whole fight started some six months ago when Steve Jobs stated that Flash is “No Longer Necessary” Here is a long letter from Steve Jobs where he exposes the ideas behind this decision.

The future of Internet usage

I am writing this post in order to put together some ideas I have been going through since I read that Telefónica was planning to limit (or at least penalize) users with a heavy bandwidth use. For what I know, they already started in the UK last september (with a bandwidth cap of 20 gigabytes per month).