Here is where I will be sharing my ideas regarding design, web and technology

Think about your Web Design (Part I)

Modern web design has been focusing on simplification. We spend many hours every day, every week, on the internet. We check for dry cleaners online, chinese restaurants, we research possible partners and so on. The first impression we receive from the company we want to know is very important, how many times you entered a site, puked and look for something else. The idea of this post is trying to have the users not to puke when they see your site.

Love music, Rdio vs. Spotify

During the years I have come across many people that can only work listening to music. I have seen people working with any kind of music and I have to say it works well for the ones that chose to do so.

Reading on the digital times.

I am an avid reader. Or better put, I used to be, with modern life style you end up having too much time on the computer and not reading, at the end you only scan websites or blogs every once in a while. I am afraid a quick check in the Wikipedia doesn’t count as “reading”.

Designing for Drupal

I have been having a look at Drupal sites to find out what innovative designers are doing with Drupal. Unfortunately I have to say that I haven’t seen may efforts to produce visually interesting sites. Thats probably why most people don’t like Drupal, because it is ugly. I would say that more than simply ugly sites, Drupal sites tend to end up being too cluttered, full of modules and information, ending up looking like magazines where at the end you cant find anything.